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Scabb Island : Phatt Island : Booty Island :
Guybrush Threepwood Governor Phatt Elaine Marley
The Voodoo Lady Governor's Guard Stan
Largo LaGrande Librarian Antique Salesman
Wally Fisherman Costume Salesman
Woodsmith Rum Rogers Mailship Lookout
Bartender of Bloody Lip Wheel of Fortune Guy Spitmaster
Cook of Bloody Lip Ralphie Crowd of Spit Contest
Innkeeper Bruno Guard of Elaine
Mad Marty Skeleton in Basement Governor's Cook
Captain Dread Willy Gorilla Gardener
Men of Low Moral Fiber Party Guests
Rapp Scallion Kate Kapsize
Bart & Fink Two Dancing Skeletons
Marco Largo LaGrande
Animals : Animals : Animals :
Rat Walt Gull
Jojo Flies on Governor Little Guybrush
Bats Fish
Pegbiter Parrot
Dinky Island : LeChuck's Fort : Opening and End :
Herman Toothrot Zombie Pirate LeChuck Monkeys in the Opening
Chester Voodoo Priest Chuckie
Skeleton Parents Guybrush jr.
Parrot Guybrush's Parents
Moving Man