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Mle Island : Monkey Island :
Guybrush Threepwood Ghost Pirate LeChuck
Elaine Marley Bob
Stan Herman Toothrot
The Voodoo Lady The Cannibals
Men of Low Moral Fiber (pirates) Ghost Crew
Carla, the Swordmaster Sleeping Ghost Pirate
Otis, the Prisoner Sleeping Ghost Guard
Mr. Meathook Drunk Ghost
Lookout Man of Mle Head of Navigator
Mancomb Seepgood Corpse (captain)
Pirate with Scar in Eye Animals :
Cobb (Loom pirate) Three-Headed Monkey
Important Looking Pirates Spiffy
Storekeeper Deadly Piranha Poodles
Citizen of Mle Bird
Folks in Scumm Bar Rat
Grim Spectres Fireflies
Cook of Scumm Bar Fish
Fester Shinetop Monkey on Monkey Island
Sword Trainer Ghost Dog
Troll Ghost Livestock
Fettucini Brothers Ghost Rat
Priest Meathook's Pet
Whisperer Vulture
Men on Dock Monkeys In the Wedding
Elaine's Manager Fishes Under Dock