Walk trough The Secret of Monkey Island

Hi, I'm Guybrush Threepwood, the man who defeated evil ghost pirate LeChuck. You want to hear great story about it? It all started on Mle Island...

Part I : The Three Trial

I came to Mle to seek my fortune and become a fearsome pirate. I asked about it from the lookout man. He told me to go in Scumm bar and find important looking pirates there. So I went down the city to Scumm bar. There I talked to nice pirate. His name was Mancomb Seepgood. One of his friends told me about LeChuck. I found the important looking pirates from back room drinking their grog They told me that I should complete the three trials to become a pirate. Every pirate must handle the sword like a master, find cool treasures and master the art of thievery. After that information I went to kitchen. I stole meat, pot and after kicking the loose board behind the bird I took the fish. So I headed for the trials.

Mastering the sword

I decided to complete mastering the sword first. On my way to store I checked behind door that looked weird. And behind it I found a some kind of voodoo store or something. I took the rubber chicken that was on table. After that I heard some noises from back room and went to check them. It was the Voodoo Lady. She told me crazy things about my future. In street I found more interesting people. Some men of low moral fiber (they probably were pirates) gave me minutes of meeting on Mle Island. I told that I only take them if they give me 2 pieces of eight. I went to store. The storekeeper didn't want to give me anything for just 2 pieces of eight so I headed out. I heard weird voice whispering from dark alley. When I got there, the whispering man was gone. Only that jerk sheriff, Fester Shinetop was there. I went to jail. There I met prisoner. But I didn't like to talk to him 'cause his breath almost killed me. I went to store to buy some breath mints. I gave them to the prisoner and his breath didn't smell so bad anymore. He told his name was Otis. But the stupid sheriff came again to ruin our little chat. I went to walk on the islands paths. I found myself from a clearing. There was a circus tent. I went in to look for WC. The Fettucini Brothers wanted me to go into cannon. I decided to agree. After all they paid me good wage. I showed they my pot as a helmet. After they shot me with the cannon they agreed to pay me. I went to city where I bought a good sword from the store. With my new sword, I went to bridge. There a troll. He said that I should pay toll if I wanted to cross the bridge. I gave him fish. I headed to house in east Mle. Man inside told me that I would never become a sword fighter. But when I said: "I do so" many times, he took me in his sword school. After few hours of training I was ready to fight. I collected insults and answers by using a new insult against next pirate that came on my way. When I thought that I knew all possible insults that pirates are using I got back to store in the city. I asked the storekeeper about the sword master of Mle. When he left I followed him. On my way in forest I took a yellow petal from a bush. After storekeeper was gone I went to sword master's. I used great answers to her insults and finally defeated her. Insults are listed here. Carla gave me cool T-shirt to prove that I won her. The pirates in Scumm bar were little confused after I showed my shirt to them. I had completed my first trial.

Treasure hunting

I thought I could dig up the Lost Treasure of Mle next. I went to city. There I talked to citizen of Mle. He asked me if I had a cousin named Sven. I knew that I didn't have. I answered that I have a barber named Dominique. He told me that it was good enough and wanted to sell me a map. And not just any map. It was the map of the Lost Treasure of Mle. He said it'll cost 100 pieces of eight. I bought it of course. I remembered that nobody can dig up a treasure without a shovel. So I headed to store and bought one. I started thinking where I could find a treasure on Mle Island. I thought that forest near the fork would be good place. When I went to fork I opened the map. I saw it was only dancing lessons. But I also knew that if step says "Back" I should go in back of the screen. If it says "Right" I knew that I should go to right etc. I found the treasure from deep in the forest. I dug it up with my shovel. Gee... it was a T-shirt again. I showed it to the pirates at Scumm. They accepted it as a treasure. I had completed my second trial.


Now there was only thievery left. Pirates told me I should steal the Idol of Many Hands from governors mansion. There was some deadly piranha poodles guarding the mansion. I put some yellow plant on hunk of meat and gave it to poodles. I think they were only sleeping. I went to mansion and first door to back. Fester saw me to go in there and came after me. After a big fight I realized that I needed a file. I went back to jail. There I gave some gopher repellent to Otis. He gave me a carrot cake that his Aunt had made. Inside the cake I found file I was needing. I went back from the hole in wall at governors mansion. Fester actually caught me thieving the Idol. I tried to told him that governor gave it to me. Luckily governor came over there and told Fester she did. Boy, were she beautiful. I don't remember what I said to her. When I tried to get out of the mansion Fester came to me. He took my sword and threw me in sea. I took the Idol and sword and climbed up the ladders. When I got up I saw ghost ship leaving. The lookout man told me that LeChuck stole the governor. I decided to get a crew and a ship and sail to Monkey Island.

Getting the crew and ship

I knew I didn't have much time to spend. I went to Scumm bar and noticed it was almost empty. Only the cook was crying there. I took every mug from the bar and filled one with grog. I started to run to jail. When I noticed that mug were almost melted I changed mugs buy using mug o' grog with mug. I Unlocked the lock in jail with grog and let Otis free. Luckily he agreed to join my crew. Next I visited the fabulous Hook Island. I got to the island by using rubber chicken with cable. Mr. Meathook weren't happy to find me from his house. But he still agreed to join my crew if I touched a beast inside huge door. I opened the door and tapped the "beast". I thought that Carla would join my crew too. All I needed to do was show LeChuck's letter to her and she promised to be on the dock. I only needed a ship so far. I headed to Stan's Previously Owned Vessels. I asked him about cheap ship. I still couldn't afford it. Stan said that I could get a credit from storekeeper if I had occupation. Stan gave me a cool magnetic compass. I headed to store and asked about credit. I said that I have a job. When the storekeeper opened the safe I looked carefully the combination. Then I said that I really don't have occupation right now. He took credit back to safe. I asked him about the sword master of Mle. He went to look her. When he was gone I opened the safe and took the credit. Then I headed to Stan's. After long long talking I got the ship for 5000 pieces of eight. Now I had it all. I headed to dock and there it was. The ship was so beautiful. Stan gave me some unnecessary papers. My crew appeared on dock. They really weren't ready for work...

Part II : The Journey

So the journey had begun. I tried to talk my mutinous crew to get them back to work. They actually came to my ship just to cruise the Caribbean. I went to my cabin. From drawer I founded captain's log. On the table I took feather pen and some ink. Then I went to kitchen. I took pot and box o' cereal from cabinet. In cereal box was a little key. I went to my cabin to try it in cabinet on left. Inside the cabin I founded a little box. Inside it were some cinnamon sticks and a piece of paper. Paper told how to get Monkey Island. I went to flagpole and took the Jolly Roger. From cellar I founded some fine wine, piece of rope and gunpowder. I went to kitchen. There I prepared a voodoo cooking to get to Monkey Island. I threw following stuff in cooking pot :

1 Cinnamon Stick
4 Breath Mints
Jolly Roger
1 Drop of Ink
2 Drops of Fine Wine
Rubber Chicken
3 Cereals

After a little nap we had arrived to Monkey Island. I threw Stan's business cards in fire. I went to get some more gunpowder. I put some of it in cannon nozzle and put the rope on cannon. I placed the pot in my head and used flaming mass with rope. BOOM!

Part III : Under Monkey Island

When I woke up on Monkey Island first thing I saw was a little monkey. After him came a hermit. I picked a banana under the big banana tree. I thought to explore the island. I collected memos from beaches. On the top of volcano was Herman Toothrot's home. There was a spyglass. I pushed cannon and collected cannonball and some gunpowder. I went to mountain. There was a memo. On it was a rock. It was flint. I put some gunpowder on the dam. Then I used cannonball with flint. I traveled little with river and walked rest of journey to the pond. I took rope from corpse's hand. There was also a memo. I talked to Herman Toothrot. He told he is only civilized human on whole island. I went back to the mountain. There I pushed device twice (this changes between different versions) and headed up. I pushed rock down. It hit to banana tree. I went to get two bananas. I want to search strange crack. I tied ropes with stumps and took oars from the bottom of the crack. I used oars with rowboat on beach. Then I rowed to other side of mountain. I took another memo from the beach. There was a interesting village in the jungle. I took bananas from bowl in village. Three cannibals caught me in the act. In jail I picked skull and moved loose floorboard. I rowed back to other side. Monkey in jungle looked a bit confused. I gave him all my five bananas. He followed me then. I went to clearing. There I pulled a nose of pole. Monkey did the same. I took a wimpy little idol. I went back to cannibals and gave them my idol. From jail I took Herman's banana picker. I returned it to him and he gave me a key to monkey head. I talked with the cannibals. I gave them a brochure I got from Stan. They gave me The Head of Navigator. I went back to monkey head. The key worked with ear. Inside the monkey I used the head and walked where it looked. When we made it to LeChuck's ship I wanted the necklace. I had to talk to the head. After all he gave me necklace. The ghosts onboard didn't see me. I went to captain's cabin. I took key from wall with magnetic compass. It opened the way to cellar. I took a feather from ghost chicken and used with sleeping crew member's foot. I took the jug of grog from him. I used grog with a bowl in cellar. Rat passed out after that display. I took some grease with me. I used grease with squeaky door. Inside I took ghost tools. I opened a crate in animal room with tools. I took the root inside and went back to the cannibals. They prepared magic root beer. After I got back to ship it was gone. Only one member of LeChuck's crew was there. I asked him about the ship. He told me whole story. My crew appeared. I told them we need to go back to Mle Island...

Last Part : Guybrush Kicks Butt

We arrived to Mle. On my way to church I had to spray some magic seltzer on 2 Grim Specters. In church I yelled STOP THE WEDDING or something like that. Elaine appeared with rope. LeChuck was very confused but so was I. Accidentally I scared Elaine's monkeys. I thought to spray seltzer on LeChuck but pocket lint had jammed the bottle. LeChuck hit me. I woke up at Stan's. I took root beer and sprayed it on LeChuck. He didn't like it and exploded. It was time for fireworks and kisses.

List of insults

Insults against pirates

This is the END for you, you gutter crawling cur! - And I've got a little TIP for you. Get the POINT?

Soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish kabob! - First you'd better stop waving it like a feather duster

My handkerchief will wipe up all your blood! - So you got that job as a janitor after all?

People fall at my feet when they see me coming - Even BEFORE they smell your breath?

I once owned a dog that was smarter than you - He must have taught you everything you know

You make me want to puke - You make me think somebody already did

Nobody's ever drawn blood from me and nobody ever will - You run THAT fast!

You fight like a dairy farmer - How appropriate you fight like a cow!

I got this scar on my face during a mighty stuggle! - I hope now you learned to stop picking your nose

Have you stop wearing diapers yet? - Why? Did you want to borrow one?

I heard you were a contemptible sneak -Too bad that no ones ever heard about YOU at all

You're no match for my brains, you poor fool - I'd be in real trouble if you ever used them

You have the manners of a beggar - I wanted to make sure you'd feel comfortable with me

I'm not going to take you insolence sitting down -Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh?

There is no words for how disgusting you are -Yes there are, you just never learned them

I've spoken with apes more polite than you -I'm glad to hear you attend your family reunion

Insults against Swordmaster

I've got a long, sharp lesson for you to learn today -And I've got a little TIP for you. Get the POINT?

My tongue is sharper than any sword! -First you'd better stop waving it like a feather duster

My name is feared in every dirty corner of this island -So you got that job as a janitor after all?

My wisest enemies run away at the first sight of me! -Even BEFORE they smell your breath?

Only once I have met such a coward -He must have taught you everything you know

If your brother is like you, better marry a pig -You make me think somebody already did

No one will ever catch me as badly as you do -You run THAT fast!

I will milk every drop of blood from your body! -How appropriate you fight like a cow!

My last fight ended with my hands covered with blood -I hope now you learned to stop picking your nose

I hope you have a boat ready for escape -Why? Did you want to borrow one?

My sword is famous all over the Caribbean -Too bad that no ones ever heard about YOU at all

I've got the courage and skill of a master swordsman -I'd be in real trouble if you ever used them

You are a pain in the backside, sir! -Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh?

There are no clever moves that can help you now! -Yes there are, you just never learned them

Now I know what stupidity really are! -I'm glad to hear you attend your family reunion

I usually see people like you passed out on tavern floors -So you got that job as a janitor after all?