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Walk trough LeChuck's Revenge

Hi! It's me again. Guybrush Threepwood. After getting rid of evil Ghost Pirate LeChuck I went looking for fabulous Big Whoop. Story? But of course! Well... It all started on Scabb Island...

Part I : Largo Embargo

After leaving the beach I went to Woodtick. On bridge I met a shorty who stole all my money and even tried to throw me off the bridge. I had a pity for that poor man and gave him all my money. I wandered around the town. Woodchuck told me that he can't build a voodoo doll of Largo LaGrande. I knew The Voodoo Lady is somewhere on Scabb and tried to find her from swamp. I rowed in a shack. Inside The International House of Mojo, I took string an Ash 2 Live potion. Unfortunately it was only a display model. The Voodoo Lady told me what should I find for the doll. I went back to Woodtick. The shovel on sign looked very inviting and it even was loose. I went to Bloody Lip. I asked the bartender about his business and Largo showed up. He was very upset about bad drink and spitted it on bar's wall. Yuck! From Wally's house I found a piece of paper and on table I took his monocle. I got the spit on bar's wall with paper. Now I had some liquid from his body. I went to kitchen via window outside. I took a knife and went out. A little crocodile, Pegbiter was trapped inside the inn. I freed him with my knife and took cheese squiggles. In Largo's room I took his toupee. Now I had something from his head. I went to laundry ship where I talked to Men of Low Moral Fiber and they even gave me a piece o' eight to buy some wood polish. I took bucket. When a pirate asked me to leave it alone I just asked if it's their. I bought some polish from wood smith and polished Frank's peg leg. On my way to cemetery, I took some mud from the swamp in my cool bucket. In cemetery I went to tombs on hill and dug ap Marco Largo LaGrande's grave. Now I had something from dead. I went back to Largo's room and closed the door. I put the bucket with mud on the door and hide myself behind dressing curtain. Largo was pretty upset when he came in. I went to beach where I just took stick. In laundry I opened the box, put stick to keep it open, tied a rope on stick and put some cheese squiggles near it. When rat went to eat the squiggles, I pulled the rope. I took the rat inside the box and put it in vichyssoise at Bloody Lip's kitchen. I asked the bartender about stew. He didn't like the soup his cook made. He asked me to cook in his bar. I agreed and even got one week's wage. I got out from window and to Largo's room. I closed the door and took claim ticket. I gave the ticket to Mad Marty at laundry. He gave me a piece of Largo's clothing. Now I had every ingredient of voodoo doll. I took them to Voodoo Lady. She gave me a doll and some pins. I went to Largo's room and used the pins with voodoo doll. He didn't like it and left the Island. I went to peninsula where I gave Wally's monocle to Captain Dread and asked him to charter a ship. I paid him and now I was on my way to find Big Whoop.

Part II : The Four Map Pieces

I took a parrot chow bag from the deck. I walked inside to ask Captain Dread where should I go. Captain Dread really didn't know how to get many islands. I only had three choices. I decided to go to Phatt Island first. My adventure didn't start very well. Big hairy guard arrested me. He took me to governor Phatt. He was a pig. He told me that LeChuck is alive. And worst if all he threw me in jail. I moved my mattress and took stick. I used stick with my neighbor's leg. I gave the leg to Walt and took his keys. I took Manilla and Gorilla envelopes. Inside Manilla was my stuff and inside Gorilla was organ and banana. I went to alley near library. Little guy just won the wheel of fortune. I followed him and saw him cheating. I tried to cheat too. The password system is: When the arm shows you 2 fingers and says: "If this is 5", shows 4 fingers "What's this?" answer is 2 because he showed you two fingers first time. All other talk is just to confuse you! I went to the wheel and won a invitation to a party. In library I opened model lighthouse and took a lens inside it. I asked the librarian for a library card. She gave me a temporary card. I went to card catalog and took following books: "The Great Shipwrecks of Our Century" from D as Disasters, "Joy of The Hex" from R as Recipes and any other book. I asked for them from the librarian. I went back to governors mansion and warned guard about three headed monkey. Upstairs was governor sleeping. I changed that "Any book" to "Famous Pirate Quotes". I went to Booty Island. There I asked for a leaflet from Kate Kapsize. The guy in costume shop gave me a dress when I showed him my invitation. From antique shop I bought saw, horn and "Beware Parrot" sign. I  hanged parrot chow bag in hook and bought a mirror. I went to governor's mansion. Yikes!! Ghost Pirate LeChuck! Naw... I knew that it was only governor's guard. I showed her my invitation and wore my dress. I went backyard of mansion, where I messed up with garbage cans. Cook was very upset about it. I ran around the mansion and went to kitchen. I slammed door shut and took fish. Cook waited me outside. Now I went in via front door. Yes! There was my very first map piece on left wall. On my way to Ville da la Booty, little dog stopped me and started to bark. The gardener took me to Elaine. I was VERY polite when I spoke to her but she turned mad and threw my map piece out of window and threw me out. I tried to took map, but wind traveled it to cliff. Now I didn't have any map pieces anymore. I went back to Elaine's room and took oar from back wall. I thought there weren't anything to do an Booty anymore so I went back to Scabb Island with Captain Dread. I was mad about losing map piece and decided to make an evil trick to Men of Low Moral Fiber. I sawed Frank's (the guy on right) peg leg. Woodsmith went to fix it and I took some nails and hammer. I also asked some grog from Bloody Lip, but the bartender said I couldn't have any. He also said that he had sold his last bottle of near grog to Kate Kapsize. I threw banana on moving thing on piano and took Jojo. I asked bartender for Yellow Beard's Baby and Blue Whale and mixed them. I went back to Booty Island, where to Stan's Previously Owned Coffins. I asked about cheap coffin and he wanted to demonstrate one. I nailed the coffin shut. From wall I took crypt's key. When I went out I noticed a hankie he had given to me. I heard someone yelling about spitting contest and decided to give it a shot. But first I saved my game because of evil bug. Well, after that I blew in ship's horn. After spitmaster left the scene I took flags a little closer. I used crazy straw with green drink. Then I went to line and spitted when a woman's belt in crowd showed me a good wind. I won a cool prize! I thought I couldn't use it for my quest and sold it to antique salesman. I had to tell some cool stories about it. Finally he paid me 6000 pieces o' eight for it. That was just the money Kate required for charter a glass bottomed boat. I checked right coordinates for sinking place of Mad Monkey and showed it to Kate from Captain Dread's map. When we arrived to the place I jumped to water. Bottom of the sea I found The Mad Monkey. Monkey head on front looked a little loose. I collected it and pulled the rope which kept the anchor. Kate pulled me up and we went back to Booty Island. The antique salesman agreed to change the head to map piece. Now I had my first map piece and nobody could take it from me. With my very own map piece, I went to Phatt Island. On dock I saw a fisherman who I wanted to meet. I talked to him and we made a deal about who can catch biggest fish. I showed him fish I took from kitchen on Booty Island. He gave me his fishing pole for a prize. I knew where I could use it. I went to Booty Island and used the pole to catch my map piece up from the cliff. Unfortunately a gull stole my piece and took it to the Big Tree. I went there too and put an oar in one of holes in tree. I climbed to the oar. Ouch! I think I'm hurt. The Skeletons wanted to perform me a cool dance. I wrote the words to slimy paper. After this scene I went back to Scabb Island and gave broken oar to woodsmith to fix. After he fixed it I tried it again in the hole on Booty Island's Big Tree. Now I were able to get up. I took a telescope from hut, which was very high and went in from the door, which cloth moved. Inside was a thief gull. I used Little Guybrush (the dog) to find my map piece. Now he gave it to me and now I had two map pieces!! I went to Phatt Island where I put Kate's leaflet on "Wanted" poster. After I got out of scene Kate was caught. I went back to jail and took envelope. After doing this I let Kate free. I went to waterfall. From up side of waterfall I found a pump. I used Jojo with the pump and waterfall stopped. There was now a hole at down side of waterfall. I went trough it and came to beach. I went up to cottage and knocked the door. To a man inside I said: "I'm Guybrush Threepwood, prepare to die!". He challenged me to a drinking contest. When he prepared me some grog I took some near grog from Kate's envelope, threw grog from the mug to plant on wall and put some near grog in mug. After the guy passed out I put mirror in mirror frames, opened windows and threw telescope in the statue's hand outside. I looked carefully, which stone did the light hit and pushed that stone. In cellar was my third map piece. YES!! I went to cemetery on Scabb Island. There I opened crypt's door. I took a look for "Famous Pirate Quotes" and opened the coffin, which had the cook's words. The cook's name was Rapp Scallion, By the way. Well I took some ash from coffin and took it to the Voodoo Lady. She also wanted a voodoo recipe book and I gave it to her. She was very grateful, but best of all she gave me some Ash 2 Live potion. I threw it in Rapp's coffin and he told me about possible gas leak in his grill. I promised to turn it off. He gave me a key and I went to turn gas off. He gave me my last map piece! Now I had them all. I gave them to Wally, the cartographer. I also gave him a mini lens from lighthouse model. He wanted me to get him some love potion from the Voodoo Lady. After I came back Wally was gone! It was LeChuck again. From swamp I found a box. I went in and started my travel towards the LeChuck's Fortress...

Part III : The LeChuck's Fortress

Wow! What a trip. And all those snakes. And I hate snakes. Well I started wandering around LeChuck's fortress. I went all right and finally found Wally. He told me there was key. Now I went back to some kind of catacombs with skeleton sculptures. I went in always that sculpture which bones were in the same order that bones had in slimy paper. I didn't care about last line of every part of the song. Get it? Good! When I made it I found a big door. But inside the door was a smaller door. Now I were ready to get big key. Unfortunately it was booby trapped. LeChuck put me and Wally hanging on acid pit. Geeze... What a trap... I can remember when they did these in Batm... WAIT! It's different story. Well... I took some green slime from glass with crazy straw. I started to spit everywhere and finally hit to candle and was able to escape. I couldn't see anything and lighted a match. YEOW!! Dynamite and just then something hit me and I lost my control to my match... BOOM!!!!!

Part IV : Dinky Island

I landed to a big stone. I took bottle and broke it with this stone. I also took a martini glass and filled it with sea water. There I saw Herman Toothrot. He weren't really much of help. I opened the barrel with crowbar I found. I gave the biscuit inside to parrot. He told me where to go. I used martini glass with water to machine. I went to jungle. There I went as much to LEFT as I could and broke a bag with broken bottle. I took the box and went back to beach and made some more biscuits by taking some sea water in glass and using it with machine again. Now I went where the parrot told me to. On my way I took rope off the box and opened it with crowbar. I took dynamite inside. Now I went where parrot told me to and gave him another biscuit. And I went where he told to and gave another biscuit and went where he told to. I arrived to X. I use shovel to dig treasure up. When I hit something hard I lightened some dynamite with matches and threw them in hole. Now I were in the hole! I used the rope with crowbar and threw this combination to wires upper screen. And couple days after Elaine came. But unfortunately my rope didn't keep me up anymore. I found a light switch and turned it on. AAAAAH!! Zombie Pirate LeChuck!! He had a VERY uncomfortable thing for me. I went to first aid as soon as possible. I took dad's skull and from trash can I took two rubber gloves. Inside medical cabinet was also a pin. Next I went to storage I opened all boxes and took things inside. I went to room with grog machine. I used coin returner and filled rubber gloves and balloon with helium. When LeChuck appeared he noticed coin on floor and wanted to take it. I took LeChuck's underwear. Yuck!! He didn't like it and zapped me again. When LeChuck appeared next I gave him my clean, white hankie. He gave it back to me a little *hmmm* dirty? I went to elevator and went inside. I waited for LeChuck to appear. When he came I pulled the lever. Now I could take his beard. I threw hankie, beard, underwear, dad's skull and Kewpie doll in juju bag. Now I had my very own voodoo doll. I went down and when I saw LeChuck I used pin with voodoo doll. I followed LeChuck and wondered what would happen if I tore off doll's leg. Chuckie wanted me to take his mask off. So I did. Somehow LeChuck made me think that we were kids in amusement park. Big deal... It's another story.