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In 1990 LucasFilm Games published new pirate adventure for Amiga. It got name The Secret of Monkey Island. The game used familiar SCUMM interface from another hit, Maniac Mansion. Monkey Island sold very well and LucasFilm decided to translate it for PC. The PC version had better graphics, but bad sound and music. LucasArts published also CD-ROM version of Monkey Island. The interface of CD-ROM version is like in MI2.

The Story

Game's hero is Guybrush Threepwood. He has arrived to Mêlée Island to become a pirate. The lookout man tells him to go in Scumm Bar and find three important looking pirates. The pirates tell Guybrush to complete The Three Trials to become a pirate. Every pirate must find treasure, master the sword and thievery. During these trials Guybrush meets many different people: The Voodoo Lady, Sword Master, Beautiful Governor etc. He falls in love with governor Elaine Marley of Mêlée Island. After he has completed the trials he notices that Elaine has been kidnapped by Ghost Pirate LeChuck. Guybrush collects fine crew and buys a cheap ship from Stan's Used Ship Emporium. Guybrush sails to Monkey Island with his crew. Under Monkey Island Guybrush meets Cannibals and Herman Toothrot. He steals a voodoo root from LeChuck's ship. Cannibals make a magic beer out of it. When Guybrush is back to ship it is gone. A ghost on shore tells that they have gone to Mêlée Island. Guybrush gets to church and stops the wedding of LeChuck and Elaine. LeChuck hits Guybrush couple of times and then Guybrush kills him with root beer. Now all are happy. But LeChuck will be back...