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Secret of Monkey Island

LeChuck ReMix
Following The Shopkeeper
Forest of Mle
Organ Prelude

LeChuck's Revenge

Captain Dread's Map
Drinking Contest
Outside Governor Phatt's Mansion
Rum Roger's Cottage Exteriors
Governor Marley's Mardi Gras Fish Fry
Governor Marley's Guard House
If This Is Three...
Chapter Screen
Escape From LeChuck's Fortress
Elaine & Guybrush
Phatt Mansion Guard
Phatt Island Jail
Governor Phatt's Room
Wheel o' Fortune
Rapp Scallion
Scabb Island Overview
Voodoo Doll Standoff
Big Whoop Pillar / Indiana Threepwood
Phatt Island Waterfall
Stealing Elaine's Map
Secret Waterfall Tunnel
Rum Rogers' Secret Room

Curse of Monkey Island

Danjer Bay
Goodsoup Hotel Exteriors
Ship Song
LeChuck's Plans Unfold
Rollercoaster of Death
Difficulty Screen