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After six years of waiting LucasArts made third episode of Monkey Island saga. Many of MI fans had already lost their hope of MI3 including me. But then I (and many others) heard a rumor about Monkey Island game called Curse of Monkey Island. CMI has all that good adventure game needs: great hero, who doesn't complain about everything, awesome enemy, great graphics, genius story and good music. LucasArts made great MI game even without Ron Gilbert.

The Story

Guybrush Threepwood sails somewhere in the Caribbean without crew or navigational instruments. He lands on Plunder Island where his girl, Elaine changes to gold. Guybrush finds a crew, ship and map to Blood Island, where he should find a huge, uncursed diamond ring. His crew includes three barber pirates. Next episode is sailing out the sea and fight against fearsome pirates. Soon Guybrush lands to Blood Island and starts to find this ring. He meets familiar characters like Stan and Lemonhead. And even Murray, the demonic skull. Guybrush even dies few times on Blood Island. He finds the ring from Goodsoup family crypt. But the ring doesn't have diamond. Guybrush goes to Skull Island with Flying Welshman. There he plays for the diamond and finally gets it from the smugglers. Guybrush frees Elaine from the curse. Unfortunately LeChuck's crew finds them and takes to Monkey Island and turns Guybrush to a kid! Guybrush collects a cure for this spell and goes to the rescue. Finally he defeats LeChuck once again. But is it the last time...